Property Details

This is a very special and unique, property, with some features that are so rare, some buyers have searched for years in California for a property like Frogwood. The abundant and well-maintained facilities could be used as a retreat center, residential or vacation rental cabins, a small collective community, and/or a private home, nestled in a very private Redwood forest canyon in the Mendocino County Coast Range, at the edge of the beautiful and lovely Anderson Valley town of Boonville, California, which has a very sweet culture, people, and services (the LOCATION is ideal).

Boonville is an idealic community in the Andrerson Valley, with an abundance of farms, forests, kind cool people, great services, restaurants, health foods, festivals, and so much more!!

Property includes roughly 40 acres of forested hillside, with seven cabins and a historic lodge with commercial-style kitchen, dining room, large meeting hall space with two restrooms and an upstairs studio apartment room. A one-of-a kind property in one of California’s finest communities with multiple residences or guest cabins, Frogwood is the find of a lifetime, and it could be yours, to create your dream home and/or retreat for family, private groups, public rentals, community collective, Air BnB/HipCamp destination, retirement community, and so many other creative possibilities. A truly remarkable property in an amazing location!

Frogwood Ad for zines, 2005

Description: A 38-acre forested property (primarily Coast Redwoods, with Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, and several Oak varieties), with nine buildings, only 4 miles from downtown Boonville, CA (Mendocino County) on a county-maintained paved road (that goes from Boonville over the Coast Range, to the Pacific coast beaches).  Property is currently used primarily as a garden and commercial gourmet fungi production business, with a small community of residential rental units. 
More Land: Our local Boonville friend wants to sell her 103 acres directly adjacent to Frogwood (in fact the two properties used to be all one parcel). The property adds a perfect balance to Frogwood, adding more level and gentle-sloped lands for future development or general uses. So, both parcels sold together would be an amazing spread of versatile and abundant Mendocino Coast Range inland PRIME rural land with multiple legal residences and 140 acres of prime California forest, creek, and meadow lands galore!

Frogwood Retreat Property For Sale!

The amazing Frogwood property needs a new steward or group of stewards!  We are looking for the right buyer(s) to manifest the evolving dream of this magical and beautiful hidden paradise in the heart of Mendocino County’s Anderson Valley and Coast Range Redwoods. Thank you for your interest, and please contact us if you have questions.

Many Very Special and Unique Features:

*Beautiful 40 acre forested property, with giant Redwood trees
*11 Well-Maintained Buildings, (including eight legal residences)
*WATER: Pure clean delicious and plentiful, from a new well and a reliable year-round spring, with lots of storage tanks. (complete details below about water sources and storage, etc.)
*4 miles from downtown Boonville on a county-maintained paved road.
*Seven Cabin House Residences in Great Condition
        (plus a small apartment in Lodge makes eight homes)
*Three-Story Lodge Gathering Space or Home
(with three restrooms, commercial kitchen with stainless steel Wolf 6-burner range, with 2 ovens, flat grill, and commercial ventilation hood)
*Coin-Op Laundry Hut for Residents
*Timber-Framed Small Office Building
*Steel Shipping Container, with added door, windows and deck with great view
*Beautiful decks and views on most or all buildings
*Mature Healthy Forest of Redwood, Doug Fir, Tan Oak, and Manzanita Forest
*Prime Hiking and Mushroom foraging forests
*Abundant Wildlife, Plants, Fungi, and extensive healthy habitat
*Very Private Setting
*Fantastic town and community nearby (Boonville & Anderson Valley)

And So Much More

(Scroll down, and be amazed)!!

See pictures of most buildings here:

Click Here For: Photo Album of Buildings


List of Main Frogwood Buildings:
*Each building on this list has a kitchen and at least one bathroom & bedroom *Cabin Houses rent for $700-$1200 per month to residential tenants

1. Lodge Building  (32′ x 40′) + porch/deck (3 story) -2752 sq. ft.
    Main Floor (open room with two bathrooms) 1280 sq. ft.
    Upper Level (apartment and bathroom) 432 sq. ft.
    Lower Level (kitchen and dining room) 1040 sq. ft.
(Three Floors, Commercial Kitchen with Six-Burner Wolf Range- has two ovens and a huge commercial vent hood-, Dining Room, Main Gathering Space, Small top-floor Apartment, Three Bathrooms, plus Hot Tub with adjacent Redwood Decks and outdoor showers…)

(This is what the Frogwood stove looks like, but this picture is from the internet.)

2. Spiral Cabin House (28′ x 51′) – 1,428 square feet
(4 Bedrooms, Sleeping Loft, Two Bathrooms, Large Redwood Deck)

3. Culebra Cabin House (20′ x 52′) – 1,040 square feet
(3 bedrooms, Two Bathrooms, Large Redwood Deck)

4. Luna Cabin House (20′ x 30′) – 760 square feet
(1 Bedroom, Deck, Enclosed Back Porch Room)

5. Gaia Cabin House (20′ x 34′) – 680 square feet
(1 Bedroom, Deck)

6. Isis Cabin House (20′ x 30′) – 600 square feet
(1 Bedroom, Large Deck, Incredible Canyon View)

7. Shanti Cabin House (20′ x 34′) – 680 square feet
(2 bedrooms, Redwood Deck)

8. El Sol Cabin House (16′ x 28′) – 608 square feet
(1 Bedroom, Redwood Deck, Enclosed Back Porch Room)

Frogwood Utility Building Details:

1. Office Building – (12′ x 12′) – 144 square feet
(Timber Framed, Large Windows, Decking on three sides)

2. Laundry Hut – 120 square feet
(Energy Efficient Coin-Operated Washer and Dryer, Counters/Shelves)

3. Venus Container Shelter – (9′ x 20′) 180 square feet
(Steel Shipping Container with person door and windows, Deck with View)

HUGE Incredible Facilities Improvements:

Frogwood has been continuously improved, upgraded, remodeled, restored, and maintained, to a point that it is now in a very very impressive great condition, with many many valuable and useful features.  This place has been so LOVED! Here is a list of some of the high-quality and important features:

Major Valuable Recent Facilities Improvements:
•New productive potable water well and storage tanks, so delicious mountain water can be gravity-fed to buildings.
•Insulation of R-38 or above in all house roofs!
•New floor insulation in houses too!
•All houses have Milguard Low-E thermal windows and thermal doors!
•Most houses have a redwood deck!
•Switchback trail to lower buildings with LED lighting system.
•Tiled bathroom with oversized shower area in Culebra House.
•Nicely refinished hardwood floors sealed with urethane in lodge.
•Tiled floor in kitchen, hall, bath and shower and entries of Luna House.
•Bamboo flooring in main living area and in bedroom of Luna House.
•Cork flooring in El Sol House.
•Mudroom with vinyl flooring on El Sol House.
•Mudroom with vinyl flooring on Luna House.
•Pergo floor covering in Shanti and in Gaia House.
•New carpet in Isis House.
•Gaia House has a large built-in bookcase and kitchen shelving.
•Culebra House has a large built-in bookcase
•Kitchen shelving unit in Luna House.
•Largest (Spiral) House has two independent septic systems!
•Three new septic tanks with infiltration systems and risers.
•Two additional new leach fields with root infiltrators (one has risers).
•Installed french drains surrounding two cabins for diverting winter rain water.
•Most of the septic tanks have been recently pumped.

Recent Rental Values & Square Footage of Main Structures:

1. Lodge House Building 32′ x 40′  plus porch/deck (3 story) 2752 sq. ft.
-Upper Level (bedroom and restroom) 432 sq. ft.
-Main Floor (open room with two restrooms) 1280 sq. ft.
-Lower Level (kitchen and dining room) 1040 sq. ft.

2. Spiral Cabin (residential tenant) 28′ x 51′  + porch/deck (1 story) 1428 sq.ft. ($2

3. Culebra Cabin (residential tenant) 20′ x 52′  + porch/deck (1 story) 1040 sq. ft.

4. Luna Cabin (residential tenant) 20′ x 30′  + porch/deck (1 story) 600 sq. ft.

5. Gaia Cabin (residential tenant) 20′ x 34′  + porch/deck (1 story) 680 sq. ft.

6. Isis Cabin (residential tenant) 20′ x 30′  + porch/deck (1 story) 600 sq. ft.

7. Shanti Cabin (residential tenant) 20′ x 34′  + porch/deck (1 story) 680 sq. ft.

8. El Sol Cabin (residential tenant) 16′ x 28′  + porch/deck (1 story) 448 sq. ft.

9. Office Shed (private use by owner)  12′ x 12′  + porch/deck (1 story) 144 sq. ft.

Total Square Footage of main structures:  8372 sq. ft.

Frogwood’s Abundant Water Blessings:

Pure clean delicious and plentiful, from a new well, a protected year-round spring, with lots of storage tanks. **Spring water system including retention wall, spring boxes, and water collection lines have all been rebuilt. Two new pumps, a third pressure bottle, multiple storage tanks and wiring were added around 2012. A new distribution pump was added in 2016.

Frogwood Well Details 2014

Well Driller / Rig Operator: Dale Theiss
Drilling Company: Fisch Bros Drilling
5001 Gravenstein Hwy. Sebastopol CA 95472

Frogwood Well (No. 8047 – Drilled on 9-23-2013)
Mendocino County  Permit No WW22231 (9-4-2013)
Well Driller Reports: 120’ bored and 110’ completed well

Boring and Casing Materials:

First 50 Feet: 0-50 ft was drilled with 12″ bore, and…
Casing of 5″ diameter F480 PVC 200 gauge, and… 
Sealed with bentonite clay

50-110 ft was drilled with 7-1/2″ bore, and…
Casing of 5″ dia. F480 PVC 200 gauge, and…
Packed with pea gravel

Final 40 Feet: 70-110 ft Casing is perforated 032 slot size
(5″ dia. F480 PVC 200 gauge)

Water tests have been consistently excellent with only calcium, magnesium, and chlorine being reported in the delicious well water.


Pump Installer Findings:
Well depth is 112’ with around 30 or so feet of water.
Total Draw 105 ft
Depth of static water was 70 ft  (9-23-2013)
Estimated yield is 15 GPM

Soils Composition:
0-2 ft topsoil
2-15 ft brown clay
15-50 weathered sandstone
50-120 fractured sandstone


Frogwood Spring Water Storage Details:

-Total water supply storage capacity is up to 42,200 gallons, divided into separate agricultural/fire and residential water supplies.

Well water system presently has a 1100 gallon holding tank with a new 2500 gallon tank that is in the process of being added to the system (installation is in progress).

-Agricultural/Fire springwater system adds 38,600 gallons (one 15,000 gallon redwood tank which needs repair of the top of one stave, and one 5,000 gallon redwood tank, plus 18,600 reserve gallons in 8 poly tanks: 7 tanks @ 2500 gallons and 1 tank @ 1100 gallons).  

In case of power outage, there is a backup supply on gravity feed due to the highest tank being located above Gaia (highest elevation house).


 Included Appliances, Furnishings, Etc:

Frogwood is being offered with some furnishings, including many high-quality appliances included in the sale price!  If the buyer wishes to keep the many furnishings in the eleven buildings at Frogwood, the following list of valuable items will be included, making the houses ready to use!  We are also willing to remove items that are not wanted by the new owners.

 Building Heaters (all Propane):
1 Monitor GF 200 heater (Lodge Apartment)
1 Monitor GF 500 heater (Spiral House)
1 Rinnai Energy Saver ES11 heater (Isis House)
4 Rinnai Energy Saver ES17 heaters (Culebra, Gaia, Shanti, & Luna Houses)
Central heating in lodge is a direct vent system
Replaced: 4 Monitor GF 200 & 2 Monitor GF 500 heaters (stored for parts use)

Tankless “On-Demand” Water Heaters:
(all except for the 125SX are 2+ shower capable):
2 Rheem Pronto on-demand LP water heaters (Luna House and Lodge)
2 Rheem on-demand LP water heaters (Spiral House and Culebra House)
1 Paloma on-demand LP water heater PH-2ORDVSP (Isis House)
1 Bosche Aquastar 125SX on-demand LP water heater (El Sol House)
1 Waiwale on-demand LP water heater (Gaia House)
1 Bosche Aquastar 250SX on-demand LP water heater (needs CO2 calibration)
1 tank heater (30-gallons)

3 Hotpoint gas ranges
2 Magic chef gas ranges
2 Estate gas ranges
1 Whirlpool Accubake range
3 Estate gas ranges
1 Fridgidaire electric range
*1 Wolfe Commercial gas range with 6 burners, double griddle plate and two ovens!
•Stainless steel dishwashing sink with two draining boards
commercial pot washing spray attachment

3 dorm-sized refrigerators
1 Kenmore medium sized refrigerator
2 Whirlpool full sized refrigerators
1 Westinghouse full sized refrigerator
2 Fridgidaire full sized refrigerator
1 Summit FFBF240W full sized refrigerator with small sized footprint

Washers and Dryers:
•A dedicated site laundry facility with sorting table
•LG sensor dry LP clothes dryer
•LG inverter direct drive washing machine
•2 Set-O-Matic coin boxes for coin operation of LG washer and drier
•Automatic LP tank switch for propane
•Fridgidaire Gallery washer
•Fridgidaire Gallery LP dryer

Water Storage:
•8 – 2500 gallon polytanks
•2 – 1100 gallon polytanks
•5000 gallon redwood tank from 1960s
•15,000 gallon redwood tank from 1960s
•[Big tank has a twisting stave and is nearing the end of its service life]

Other Great Amenities:
•Hot Springs Spa model Grandee Deluxe Large Hot Tub
•Soft inflatable Spa Cap upgrade
*Hot tub area includes two outdoor showers, benches and a redwood deck
•20 foot shipping container for storage or use as an extra room also has a deck with great view
•2 microwave ovens
•Electronic pet door in El Sol House
•Piano in lodge
•Fireplace in lodge
•LED lighting by lodge and hot tub area
•LED lighting along road, Culebra, Shanti, and El Sol Houses and parking area
•LED lighting on switchback trail

Furniture Highlights:
1  seven foot leather sofa
2  five foot leather sofas
4 foot tile top cafe table
3  four foot round tables
1  four foot round oak table
3 metal cafe tables
1 glass top cafe table
4 dining tables
4 work tables
1 large round wooden table
1 large teak table
1 teak recliner
6 teak deck chairs
20 metal folding chairs
4 metal deck chairs
1 wooden bunk bed
2 hide-a-bed sofas

Frogwood Community and Former Retreat Center
22201 Mountian View Rd
P.O. Box 12  Boonville, CA 95415

Frogwood is Located in Pomo Territory

We humbly recognize that the lands we use and protect have been stewarded by Native peoples for millennia and were taken from the Pomo peoples without their consent. We mourn the atrocities committed upon Indigenous people and the lands they hold sacred and recognize that injustices continue to this day. We strive to achieve our goals and practice conservation in ways that honor past stewards, recognize that we are on Pomo land and work toward a better future for all community members.